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  • $19.50

    Lamb Saag Gosht

    Diced Lamb, blended to perfection with Fresh Spinach.
  • $18.50

    Chicken Malabar

    Boneless Chicken cooked with Curry Leaves, Mustard Seeds, Coconut in a typical South Indian Style.
  • $17.50

    Goat Biryani

    Goat cooked with basmati rice and spices (on the bone)
  • $16.50

    Eggplant Masala

    Eggplant cooked with Onion, Potatoes, Herbs and Spices.
  • $29.00

    Saffron House Mix Grill

    Specialty of the house. An assortment of meats from the tandoori and served with salad and mint chutney.
  • $13.95

    Seekh kebab

    Finely minced lamb, skewered and cooked in the clay oven (4 pieces).

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What Our Customers Say


Best Indian in town,I have been going to this restaurant for the last 4 years with my family and friends they all loved it , the saffron house maintained it’s standards, Rich flavour , high quality meat and generous servings and the naan’s best ever I had . The staff are also super attentive and friendly 10/10 for everything


The best Indian food in the suburbs. Great service & the knowledgeable staff are happy to tweak menu items to suit all tastes! A real winner.


I love this place! The staff are attentive, prices are reasonable and the food is fresh, flavorsome and delicious. Highly recommend.


I was so impressed with this restaurant. The naan bread was freshly made for us and the curries were just incredible. I ordered a butter chicken because I didn’t feel like being adventurous that night and I was blown away by the quality and flavour of it – certainly nothing like the butter chicken I was used to having! Lamb korma was excellent too. 10/10


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