• Balti lamb

    Tender Pieces of Lamb cooked in an ethnic Punjabi Style with mixed Vegetables and served in a Balti.
  • Lamb Rogan Josh

    Kashmir Valley Specialty. Diced Lamb cooked with aromatic Herbs and spices.
  • Burra Masala

    Lamb Chops cooked with a Combination of Aromatic Spices and Herbs.
  • Lamb Shahi Korma

    Diced Lamb cooked with Cashew Nuts and Spices.
  • Lamb Saag Gosht

    Diced Lamb, blended to perfection with Fresh Spinach.
  • Lamb Do Piaza

    Lamb cooked with Authentic Spices in an Onion and Tomato Gravy.
  • Lamb Dal Gosht

    Diced Lamb cooked with Red Lentils and selected spices.
  • Lamb Kashmiri

    Lamb cooked with a combination of Ginger, Garlic, Fennel and finished with Yoghurt.
  • Lamb Pepper Fry

    Lamb Pieces cooked with crushed Black Pepper and with Fresh Green Chilli.
  • Lamb Madras

    Lamb cooked with Mustard Seeds and Coconut.
  • Lamb Vindaloo

    Diced Lamb cooked with flavours of Coconut and Vinegar.
  • Goat Meat Rahra

    Goat cooked with a blend of Aromatic Spices (on the Bone).