• Paneer Butter Masala

    Homemade cottage cheese cooked in mouth watering onion and tomato gravy
  • Aloo Bhindi (Seasonal)

    Potato's & Okra cooked with onion, tomatoes, ginger and spices.
  • Paneer Makhani

    Cottage cheese cooked with makhani sauce.
  • Palak Paneer

    Home made Cottage Cheese cooked with Fresh Spinach.
  • Mutter Paneer

    Cottage Cheese cooked with Peas in Masala Gravy.
  • Allo Gobi

    Cauliflower and Potatoes stir fried with spices.
  • Allo masala

    Potatoes cooked with Capsicum, Onion and tempered with Indian Pickle.
  • Zeera Aloo

    Boiled Potatoes cooked with Tomatoes, Green Chilli and whole Cumin.
  • Aloo Methi Chaman

    Potatoes cooked with fresh Spianch and a touch of Kastoori Meethi (Fenugreek).
  • Vegetable mixed

    Fresh Vegetables seasoned with Herbs and Spices.
  • Vegetable Makhani

    Seasonal Vegetables cooked in Makhani Sauce.
  • Navratan Korma

    Seasonal fresh Vegetables cooked in a light flavored Cashew Nut Sauce.
  • Eggplant Masala

    Eggplant cooked with Onion, Potatoes, Herbs and Spices.
  • Malai Kofta

    Cheese and Potato Balls blended with Nuts cooked in a rich Creamy Sauce.
  • Pumpkin Masala

    Cubes of Butternut Pumpkin cooked with Onion and Tomatoes.
  • Kabuli Chana Masala

    Chickpeas cooked soft in a thick Gravy with Tamarind, Crushed Tomato, Ginger and coriander.
  • Subz Bahar

    Selected seasonal Vegetables sauteed in Onion and Tomato Gravy (Chef's Specialty).
  • Mushroom Mutter

    Peas and Mushrooms cooked with Herbs and spices.
  • Dal Makhani

    Mixed Lentil in a rich Cream Sauce.
  • Yellow Dal (Fry)

    Yello Dal cooked with Chopped Onion, Garlic, Tomato and Whole Cumin.